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The Independent Games Festival (IGF) is an annual festival at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the largest annual gathering of the indie video game industry[according to whom?]. The IGF competition awards a total of $50,000 in prizes to independent developers in Main Competition and Student Competition categories, and held around the same

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Annual event sponsored by CMP Media to award excellence in independent video game development in several categories. Background, finalists and winners from each year, how to submit a game for consideration, overview of the judging process, and press releases.

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13/12/2019 · Disco Elysium Wins the Fresh Indie Game Award Presented by Reggie Fils-Aimé – Duration: 5:44. thegameawards Recommended for you 5:44 The Game That Made Bugha FAMOUS in Fortnite (World Cup

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今日2019 TGS台北國際電玩展正式開跑,並舉辦獨立遊戲大賞「Indie Game Award」頒獎典禮,本次IGA共頒發9個獎項給來自13國115款遊戲作品,邀請評選過程

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Indie Game Award submission is only eligible for confirmed Taipei Game Show exhibitors. Those who wish to participate in Indie Game Award need to complete booth registration first. Submitted game title must be created, published or updated after 2019/01/01.

Best Audio No Straight Roads / Metronomik Malaysia Fight the massive EDM empire as an indie rock band in our unique PC & PS4 action game! Directed by Wan Hazmer, lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV, and Daim Dziauddin, concept artist of Street

邁入第五年的「INDIE GAME AWARD」今日下午舉辦頒獎典禮,邀請國內外資深遊戲媒體、知名製作人與發行商進行評選,共有 13 國 115 款遊戲作品參與初選

Check out the nominees for Fresh Indie Game at TheGameAwards.com. Who will you vote for? #TheGameAwards @TheGameAwards Loading

亞洲最大獨立遊戲盛典即將於 1 月「2019 台北國際電玩展(以下稱電玩展)」登場,今年共聚集全球 186 家獨立遊戲團隊於商務區「INDIE GAME FESTA」與玩家區「INDIE HOUSE」同步展出。為獨立遊戲開發者量身打造的「INDIE GAME AWARD」,本次共有

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7/12/2018 · Welcome to Get Indie Gaming and to our special The Games Awards 2018 edition of our indie game trailers series. Here we showcase 7 of the best looking indie game trailer reveals from the game

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With the Best Indie award we celebrate some of the most creative and forward-thinking talent around, embracing new mechanics, while revitalising the old. These are games

為支持獨立遊戲開發者創作能量的「INDIE GAME AWARD」自 2015 年舉辦以來已頒發出《RPG TIME:光之傳說》、《Replica》、《返校》等傑出作品。 本屆共計

The Game Awards 2018 saw plenty of indie games earn recognition for their overall quality, with titles like Celeste and Dead Cells winning big. The Game Awards 2018 was a big night for the whole of gaming, but a handful of darlings ended up winning some

26/1/2018 · 為了鼓勵獨立遊戲開發者,並提供優質作品登上國際舞台的機會,台北電玩展(TGS)今年也舉辦了獨立遊戲專屬的「Indie Game Award」,一共吸引世界各國 86 款遊戲參賽,最終由 22 款遊戲入圍決選,25 日電玩展開幕公布了最終得獎名單。

The Reboot Indie Game Awards seek to highlight, promote, and accelerate game developers in the Midwest. Over $10,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to several developers and students to help them successfully get their game to market and find new fans.

今日2019 TGS台北國際電玩展正式開跑,並舉辦獨立遊戲大賞「Indie Game Award」頒獎典禮,本次IGA共頒發9個獎項給來自13國115款遊戲作品,邀請評選過程

4/2/2019 · 「INDIE GAME AWARD」總計有 115 款獨立作品參與角逐最佳劇情、最佳美術、最佳音效、最佳遊戲設計、最佳創新、最佳VR 遊戲、最佳手機遊戲與最佳遊戲多項獎項,經歷初選後已有 22 款作品進入最終決賽,而今日也正式公布了奪獎作品。

Game of the Year (abbreviated GotY) is an award given by various award events and media publications to a video game that they feel represented the pinnacle of gaming that year. Award events and ceremonies British Academy Games Awards (formerly BAFTA

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26/1/2018 · 今年的「Indie Game Award獨立遊戲大獎」共有 86 款作品參賽,透過第一階段團隊互評,第二階段由遊戲基地、巴哈姆特、4Gamers、Mobile01 等國內媒體、實況主、業界人士進行評選。共選出七項分別在劇情、設計、創新、音效等效果卓越的作品,共有台灣

The Steam Community has spoken and we are proud to announce the winners of this year’s Steam Awards. Thanks to everyone who participated, see you again next year! Games have a way of pushing us past any limits we thought we had. Like a montage

「2020台北國際電玩展」為獨立遊戲開發者量身打造的「INDIE GAME AWARD」,初審歷經一個月的全球參賽團隊互評,最終選出30款作品進入決賽,分別來自台灣、中國、日本、韓國、印尼、泰國、法國、美國、瑞士、加拿大、馬來西亞等11國。(台北電玩展)

The Game Awards 2019, the Global Celebration of Video Games and Esports. Relive the experience on https://thegameawards.com #TheGameAwards @TheGameAwards Loading

今年 2019 台北國際電玩展聚集全球 186 家獨立遊戲團隊於商務區「INDIE GAME FESTA」與玩家區「INDIE HOUSE」同步展出。而本屆「INDIE GAME AWARD」共有 13 國 115 款遊戲作品參與初選,最終有 22 款作品進入決賽,分別來自台灣、中國、日本

為創造海內外獨立遊戲開發者互相切磋、交流的管道,台北國際電玩展特別打造一個專屬獨立遊戲開發者的全球競賽Indie Game Award,期望讓優秀的參賽作品能躍上國際舞台並給予卓越團隊的創意與熱情實質

Intro As the scale of Indie Game Award grows each year, we are now recruiting our jury committee from the public for the very first time. If you meet the jury requirement (see below) and have great loves to indie games, we sincerely invite you to apply for joining the

為獨立遊戲開發者量身打造的「INDIE GAME AWARD」,本次共有13國115款遊戲作品參與初選,評審過程難分軒輊,最終共計22 款作品進入決賽,分別來自

卡卡遊戲新聞,【TGS2018】「Indie Game Award」揭曉 《老人之旅》奪冠 台灣《靈魂之橋》獲最佳劇情肯定,了解第一手遊戲新聞關注卡卡遊戲 台北國際電玩展以「B2B Zone商務區」與「Indie Game Festa獨立遊戲專區」揭開序幕,開幕式上揭曉「Indie

Games are about agency, and this award is for the game that has it in spades. Maybe it’s because there are 31 ways you can breach into a villains lair. Perhaps there are dozens of potential partners for you to build a romantic future with. Or maybe you find

Seumas McNally Grand Prize Eliza (Zachtronics)u A Short Hike (Adam Robinson-Yu) Untitled Goose Game (House House) Mutazione (Die Gute Fabrik) Slay the Spire (Mega Crit Games) Anodyne 2: Return to Dust (Sean Han Tani & Marina Kittaka) Honorable

I highlighted all of the remaining games after PAX West last year, so they aren’t eligible to win a prize in The Tim’s PAX Indie Game Awards, but they were back again at PAX this year and they

自2015年開辦的「Indie Game Award」,今年參加評比的遊戲多達67款,分布十七國。經過初審之後,由18 款遊戲角逐最後七項大獎。自2015年開辦的「Indie Game Award」,今年參加評比的遊戲多達67款,分布十七國。經過初審之後,由18款遊戲角逐最後七項

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MOMOCON 2020 INDIE GAMES If you are an indie game developer, MomoCon has a lot to offer including: MomoCon 2020 Indie Game Awards Showcase Discounted Exhibit Space exclusively for indie developersPanel Submissions (until February 1st) MOMOCON

Look at most relevant Indie Game Awards For Android apps. Indie Game Awards For Android found at Spaceteam, Buff Knight – etc. Check the best results! Indie Game Awards

W elcome to the 5th Annual Indie of the Year Awards, a celebration of the years finest indie games chosen by you and us. For the next 4 weeks it is up to you to vote for your favorite indie games so that they may make the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December.

16/1/2020 · 為鼓勵與挖掘優秀的獨立遊戲開發者,台北國際電玩展主辦單位今日公布「INDIE GAME AWARD」入圍決選名單,共 22 款遊戲作品進入決選,遊戲類別橫跨 PC、Console、Mobile、VR 四大平台,得獎結果將於台北電玩展開展首日揭曉。

2020台北國際電玩展 INDIE GAME AWARD 最終決賽入選作品揭曉!11國30款入圍遊戲角逐九項大獎 決選名單內也有不少台灣獨立遊戲團隊呢