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Le 29 octobre 2018, un Boeing 737 Max 8 assurant le vol 610 de Lion Air s’écrase en mer de Java, 13 minutes après son décollage de Jakarta, capitale de l’Indonésie. L’appareil, de la compagnie indonésienne Lion Air, devait relier sa base, l’aéroport Soekarno-Hatta , à l’aéroport Depati Amir de Pangkal Pinang, sur l’île de Bangka [1

Coordonnées: 5° 46′ 15″ sud, 107° 07′ 16″ est

Lion-Air-Flug 610 (Flugnummer JT610) war ein Inlandsflug der indonesischen Billigfluggesellschaft Lion Air vom Flughafen Soekarno-Hatta in Jakarta zum Depati Amir Airport in Pangkal Pinang, auf dem die Maschine am 29. Oktober 2018 kurz nach dem Start um .

Ort: westl. Javasee, Indonesien, 5° 46′ 15″ S, 107° 7′

獅子航空610號班機(IATA:JT610,ICAO:LNI610;印尼語:Lion Air Penerbangan 610)是由印尼獅子航空營運的從雅加達蘇加諾-哈達國際機場飛往邦加檳港德帕蒂·阿米爾機場的國內定期客運航班。於2018年10月29日清晨6:20分從蘇加諾-哈達國際機場起飛13分鐘後墜毀[2][3]。在

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ライオン・エア610便墜落事故は、2018年10月29日に発生した航空事故である。スカルノ・ハッタ国際空港発デパティ・アミール空港(英語版)行きのライオン・エア610便(ボーイング737 MAX 8)がスカルノ・ハッタ国際空港を離陸直後に墜落した[2][3] 。機体の

日付: 2018年10月29日

El Vuelo 610 de Lion Air (JT610/LNI610) fue un vuelo de pasajeros doméstico operado por la aerolínea indonesia de bajo coste Lion Air.El trayecto previsto desde el aeropuerto internacional Soekarno-Hatta en Yakarta hasta el aeropuerto Depati Amir en Pangkal Pinang no

O Voo Lion Air 610 (JT610) foi um voo doméstico regular de passageiros operado pela companhia aérea da Indonésia Lion Air do Aeroporto Internacional Soekarno-Hatta em Jacarta para o Aeroporto Depati Amir em Pangkal Pinang. Em 29 de outubro de 2018, a aeronave que operava o voo, um Boeing 737 MAX 8, caiu 13 minutos após a decolagem.[3][4

Coordenadas: 5° 46′ 15″ S, 107° 07′ 16″ L

Il volo Lion Air JT610 era un volo di linea della compagnia aerea a basso costo indonesiana Lion Air che collegava l’aeroporto Internazionale di Giacarta-Soekarno-Hatta e l’aeroporto Depati Amir di Pangkal Pinang.Il 29 ottobre 2018 il Boeing 737 MAX che effettuava il volo è precipitato in mare poco dopo il decollo da Giacarta causando la morte di tutte le 189 persone a bordo.

Data: 29 ottobre 2018

Let Lion Air 610 byl pravidelný let indonéské nízkonákladové společnosti Lion Air z Jakarty do Pangkalpinangu na ostrově Bangka u Sumatry. Letoun Boeing 737 MAX 8 se zřítil do moře 29. října 2018 v 6:33 místního času (29. října 2018 v 0:33 středoevropského času) se 189 lidmi na palubě. Třináct minut po startu požádal

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JT610 (Lion Air) – Live flight status, scheduled flights, flight arrival and departure times, flight tracks and playback, flight route and airport Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the

Katastrofa lotu Lion Air 610 – wypadek lotniczy samolotu Boeing 737 MAX, należącego do linii Lion Air, do którego doszło 29 października 2018 na Morzu Jawajskim. Na pokładzie było 181 pasażerów i 8 członków załogi[1].

Miejsce: Morze Jawajskie

The cause of the crash of Lion Air Flight 610 has yet to be determined, but The Wall Street Journal has reported that Boeing may not have disclosed a potential design flaw in the operating systems of some of its 737 MAX planes. Boeing has said that it’s offering its

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28/10/2018 · Indonesia Lion Air flight #JT610, travelling from Jakarta to the city of Pangkal Pinang has crashed with 189 people on board. It lost contact 13 minutes after take off.

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Ground staff lost touch with flight JT610 of Indonesian budget airline Lion Air 13 minutes after the Boeing 737 MAX 8 took off early on Monday from Jakarta, on its way to the tin-mining town of


29/6/2018 · This is my Trip Report Video with Lion Air flight JT610 from Jakarta to Bangka (Pangkal Pinang) This flight is operated by Boeing 737-800 (PK-LOV). The Cabin was Ok, I

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Jet aircraft Jet aircraft do not have V NO and V NE like piston-engined aircraft, but instead have a maximum operating speed expressed in knots, V MO and Mach number, M MO.Thus, a pilot of a jet airplane needs both an airspeed indicator and a Machmeter, with

Penerbangan 610 Lion Air (Kod IATA: 」’JT610」』, kod ICAO: 」’LNI610」』) ialah sebuah perjalanan penerbangan domestik yang dikendalikan syarikat penerbangan Indonesia, Lion Air dari Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Soekarno-Hatta di Jakarta ke Lapangan Terbang Depati Amir di Pangkal Pinang. Pada 29 Oktober 2018, sebuah pesawat yang mengendalikan

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SINGAPORE/JAKARTA: The Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX jet that crashed in Indonesia on Monday morning (Oct 29) flew erratically during a flight the previous evening when it experienced a 「technical

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Flight JT610 was carrying 189 people, comprising 181 passengers, two pilots and six crew members. The air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane at 6:33 a.m., shortly after it took off at

Chuyến bay 610 của Lion Air (JT610/LNI610) là chuyến bay chở khách nội địa thường lệ do Lion Air khai thác từ sân bay quốc tế Soekarno–Hatta ở Jakarta đến sân bay Depati Amir ở Pangkal Pinang, mất tích ngay sau khi cất cánh từ sân bay quốc tế Soekarno–Hatta vào ngày 29 tháng 10 năm 2018.

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Lion Air Penerbangan 610 adalah sebuah penerbangan penumpang domestik dari Jakarta menuju Pangkal Pinang yang hilang kontak pada 29 Oktober 2018.[2] Pihak SAR menyatakan bahwa pesawat tersebut jatuh di Tanjung Pakis, Karawang.[3] Bangkai pesawat ditemukan di lepas pantai utara Laut Jawa Karawang .[4] Pada 1 November 2018, Flight Data Recorder

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The Boeing Company (/ˈboʊ.ɪŋ/) ialah sebuah syarikat multinasional Amerika yang merancang, mengeluarkan, dan menjual pesawat, rotor, roket, satelit, dan peluru berpandu di seluruh dunia. Syarikat itu juga menyediakan perkhidmatan penyewaan dan sokongan produk. Boeing ialah antara pengeluar pesawat global terbesar; ia adalah kontraktor

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An underwater locator beacon is a device that guides the search and rescue teams to a submerged aircraft by emitting a repeated electronic pulse. Application An underwater locator beacon (ULB) or underwater acoustic beacon, is a device fitted to aviation flight recorders such as the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR).

The recent crash of Lion Air flight JT610 might be technical in nature, but is also a manifestation of that airline’s organizational failure. There’s no better place to explore this failure

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The pilot (left) who flew Lion Air JT610, Bhavye Suneja. Picture: Supplied Source:Supplied The pilot of Flight 610 had more than 6000 flying hours while the co-pilot had more than 5000 hours

29/10/2018 · Indonesia’s official search and rescue agency said it was unlikely that anyone had survived when the plane plunged into the Java Sea off Jakarta just 13 minutes after takeoff. Lion Air said the


Lion Air Flight JT610 plane crash, debris found in Java Sea and victims put in the boat from Java Sea 10/29/18 An Indonesian airliner has crashed into the sea with 189 people on board. The Boeing 737, owned by the low-cost airline Lion Air, went down after taking off from the capital Jakarta.

It also stressed that operational documents should be properly filled in – pointing out that the JT610 weight and balance sheet said five flight attendants were on board, when actually there were six.

Flight JT610 lost contact with ground officials 13 minutes after takeoff on Monday. It has sunk in waters about 30 meters to 35 meters (98 to 115 ft) deep, about 15 km (9 miles) north of the coast

JAKARTA: A search and rescue mission is under way for passengers of Lion Air flight JT610 after it crashed early on Monday (Oct 29). The plane lost contact 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta at

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The debris recovered from the crash of JT610 helps explain why no MH370 floating debris was spotted by air and by satellite along the 7th arc, and why we remain hopeful that it will be detected on the seabed with sonar sensors once the correct search area is

National Police Hospital Raden Said Soekanto, East Jakarta, will begin to identify and examine in detail the victims of Lion Air JT 610 plane crash. Rescue workers stand next to body bags at the port of Tanjung Priok, that are believed to be from Lion Air flight JT610

El vol 610 de Lion Air (JT610) va ser un vol intern de passatgers operat per l’aerolínia Indonèsia Lion Air sortint de l’Aeroport Internacional Soekarno-Hatta de Jakarta amb destí l’aeroport Depati Amir de Pangkal Pinang que es va estavellar 13 minuts després de l’enlairament el 29 octubre 2018.

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Indonesian investigators have said the Lion Air Boeing 737 jet that plunged into the sea, killing 189 people in October, was not airworthy on a flight the day before it crashed. They further found

Ethiopian Airlinesin lento 302 oli Ethiopian Airlinesin kansainvälinen reittilento Addis Abeban Bolen kansainvälinen lentoasemalta ja Nairobin Jomo Kenyattan kansainvälinen lentoasemalle. Lentoa operoinut Boeing 737 MAX-8 putosi nopeasti nousun jälkeen, ja kaikki koneessa olleet 157 ihmistä kuolivat onnettomuudessa. Onnettomuus tapahtui

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Authorities say they have recovered the body of one of the victims of Lion Air flight JT-610 at the crash site in the waters off of Karawang, West Java. The victim was found by National Police officers aiding in the search and rescue effort. “Based on the data and