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Read our detailed comparison of the Olympus PEN E-PL9 vs Olympus PEN E-PL8 to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and decide which one to choose. Weight is another important factor especially when deciding on a camera that you want to carry with

Olympus rüstet bei den Einsteiger DSLM-Kameras auf und kündigt einen Olympus PEN E-PL8-Nachfolger an, der in Kürze erscheint. Genau gesagt: Die Olympus PEN E-PL8 erhält mit der Olympus PEN E-PL9 einen Nachfolger. Neu bei der DSLM-Kamera sind unter anderem 4K-Video, ein verbesserter Autofokus, der aktuelle TruePic VIII-Bildprozessor und ein überarbeitetes Gehäuse.

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7/2/2018 · It is a quick overview and specs comparison Olympus PEN E-PL9 vs Olympus PEN E-PL8 「Subscribe and Share」 for more Videos https://goo.gl/ITeyLu


Olympus PEN E-PL8可換鏡頭數碼相機的產品介紹 設計精緻,全新E-PL8幾乎就像是相機的配件一樣。E-PL8內置大量創新功能,讓你可以隨時隨地表達自己的情感,例如:自拍模式、Wi-Fi無線網絡與及Art Filter藝術濾鏡等。

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7/2/2018 · OLYMPUS PEN E-PL9 vs OLYMPUS PEN E-PL8 Actual prices are set by individual dealers and may vary Marin Hoxha & CryJaxx – Everlasting https://soundcloud

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こんにちは、雪梅(せつめ)です。先日、OLYMPUS PEN E-PL8 を買いました。 購入前にPENの最新機種「E-PL9」とどちらを買おうか悩みました。 この記事では、 「最新のE-PL9を買おうかそれとも安くなってきたE-PL8にしようか」 「いや待てよ、そもそもこの2つって何が違うんだ?

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Olympus PEN E-PL9 und Olympus PEN E-PL8? Finde heraus welches besser ist und dessen gesamt Leistung in der Kamera-Bestenliste. Ein Zeitraffer ist eine Beschleunigung von Langzeitaufzeichnung. Eine Reihe von Fotos, die


¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Olympus PEN E-PL9 y Olympus PEN E-PL8? Descubre cuál es mejor y su puesto en la clasificación de cámaras. El motor de enfoque mueve la lente con el objetivo de autoenfocar. Las cámaras reflex, que tienen un motor de enfoque


Olympus PEN E-PL9可以讓你輕鬆捕捉富有藝術感的相片,並且具有能夠配合你時尚外型的機身設計。你可以輕鬆地將E-PL9拍攝的影像匯入到智能手機,以便在社交媒體上輕鬆分享你的生活點滴。 Olympus PEN E-PL9可以透過藍牙 ® 及Wi-Fi ® 與你的智能手機通訊,由現在起將影像匯入到智能手機比以往更為

2018年2月7日、オリンパスがマイクロフォーサーズのミラーレス一眼「PEN E-PL9」の発売を発表しました。PEN E-PLシリーズはオリンパスのエントリーモデルで、カジュアルなデザインと場バランスのいい性能のカメラです。

17/9/2016 · 」 Olympus PEN E-PL8 速試 Olympus 的無反相機一直以 PEN 及 OM-D 系列打響名堂,不過隨著低階 OM-D 登場,最先推出的 PEN 系列相機就幾乎只能以「靚」作為

Wir vergleichen die Olympus PEN E-PL9 mit der Olympus PEN E-PL8: Welche Digitalkamera hat die höhere Auflösung, welche den besseren Sucher oder Bildschirm? Welche hat die bessere Ausstattung und Akkulaufzeit? Welche sonstigen Unterschiede gibt es?

雖然 E-PL9 依舊維持了 PEN 系列的既有造型,但仔細一看仍可發現許多設計上的不同,例如從外觀上來說,E-PL9 的設計回歸了經典元素,首先在握把部分改掉了上一代 E-PL8 的直條型握把突起,改回歸 E-PL7 的握把造型,同時在突起的握把邊緣加入飾條

Bättre foton utan ansträngning och en fin kamera att ta dem med. Ta dina foton till en ny nivå med Olympus PEN E-PL9 och dela dina favoritbilder enkelt tack vare inbyggt Wi-Fi som enkelt ansluter till din smarttelefon. Det är din tur: Sluta klicka. Börja fota.

13/3/2018 · フォトスクは、4000ピクセルの超高画質な無料写真素材、カメラやスマホの比較記事、ガジェットニュースのサイトです。 オリンパス「OLYMPUS PEN E-PL9 (pen lite e-pl9)」と「OLYMPUS PEN E-PL8 (オリンパス・ペン ライト、ミラーレスカメラ)」の違いを比較しました。

18/2/2020 · Looking for a Olympus E-PL8 vs Olympus E-PL9 comparison? The E-PL8 is less expensive. Find out where the E-PL9 wins!

Note: You are comparing cameras of different generations. There is a 3 year gap between Olympus PEN E-PL9 (2018) and Olympus OM-D E-M10 II (2015).All things being equal, newer sensor generations generally outperform the older.

STOP TAKING SNAPS. START TAKING PHOTOS. Better photographs with no fuss and a beautiful camera to take them on. Take your photography to a new level with the Olympus PEN E-PL9 and share your favourite shots with ease thanks to the built-in WiFi that

9/2/2018 · Olympus E-PL9 vs PEN-F The Olympus PEN E-PL9 and the Olympus PEN-F are two digital cameras that were announced, respectively, in February 2018 and January 2016. Both the E-PL9 and the PEN-F are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras that are equipped with a Four Thirds sensor. that are equipped with a Four Thirds sensor.


Olympus PEN E-PL9 Body The Olympus PEN E-PL9 looks almost identical to its predecessor, the E-PL8, and that is not a bad thing. The E-PL9 is a beautiful camera with a retro look. In addition to the usual black, it is also available in white, brown and blue. And

Mach keine Schnappschüsse. Mach Bilder! Eine tolle Kamera für gute Fotos ohne viel Tamtam. Entdecke eine neue Art der Fotografie mit der Olympus PEN E-PL9 und schicke deine besten Bilder ganz einfach via Wi-Fi Funktion an dein Smartphone, sodass du sie

您也許不知道, 日本2018年初第一週數位單眼相機銷售排行榜, 正是由E-PL8奪下首位, 而也正是在2018年初, Olympus 發表了 PEN Lite 系列的最新機種 E-PL9 , 預計將於3月中旬上市開賣, 很榮幸的這次應 Olympus TW 元佑實業公司的邀請, 小弟有機會在上市前先行試機體驗約一週的時間, 於是在此利用這篇文

Con la Olympus PEN E-PL9 podrás subir el nivel de tu fotografía y compartir tus mejores fotos fácilmente gracias a las capacidades Wi-Fi integradas que te permitirán conectarla de forma sencilla a tu smartphone. Estás a punto de dar un gran paso.

Looking for a Olympus E-PL9 vs Olympus E-PL7 comparison? The E-PL9 can shoot 4K video. Find out where the E-PL7 wins!

The offers! Use STYLO150 to get £150 off the models below until October 15 2019. Olympus Pen E-PL8 now £249, down from £399 Olympus OMD E-M10 ii now £299, down from £449 Olympus Pen E-PL9 now £354, down from £504 And STYLO20 for any other kit (eg. any fab prime lenses like my fave 17mm f1/8) anytime at Olympus for 20% off.

La Olympus E-PL9 es una cámara pequeña y ligera, con un diseño retro muy atractivo, perfecta para llevarla siempre encima, para fotografía y para vídeo. Olympus PEN E-PL vs Olympus OM-D M10 ¿Cuál elegirías como primera cámara ‘seria’ para dar el salto

Product name Olympus PEN E-PL9 Box contents BLS-50 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, BCS-5 Lithium Ion Battery Charger, USB cable, shoulder strap, instruction manual, and warranty card Other included items differ depending on the kit.

15/3/2018 · The Olympus PEN E-PL9 is a stylish new entry-level mirrorless camera aimed at smartphone owners looking to buy an interchangeable lens camera for the first time. The E-PL9 also has a lot to offer more experienced photographers, though, as we find out in our in


7/2/2018 · The Olympus PEN E-PL9 is a stylish mirrorless camera, that delivers excellent image quality, with numerous shooting features, and a wide range of lenses making this a great choice. With recent


While the cameras in the OM-D series can be considered Olympus’ high-end workhorses, the Pen line-up has always been more about combining beauty and style with innovative features – a philosophy that both the recently announced Pen E-PL8 and its predecessor, the Pen E-PL7, embrace.

9/2/2018 · Olympus E-M5 II vs E-PL9 The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the Olympus PEN E-PL9 are two digital cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in February 2015 and February 2018. Both the E-M5 II and the E-PL9 are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras that are equipped with a Four Thirds sensor.

Mit der Olympus PEN E-PL9 haben wir eine Kompakt-DSLM im Praxis-Test, die genau weiß, bei wem sie landen will: Die Systemkamera richtet sich ganz klar an die große Anhängerschaft von Instagram

Comparison of Olympus PEN E-PL9 (16.1MP) and Panasonic Lumix DC-GX800 (16MP) on sensor size (21.64mm diagonals), pixel pitch, pixel density and more. Sensor resolution is calculated from sensor size and effective megapixels. It’s slightly higher than

7/2/2018 · The Olympus PEN E-PL9 is aimed at beginners and bloggers after a stylish and fashionable interchangeable lens camera that’s superior to a smartphone. Supported by

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Porównanie aparatów Olympus PEN E-PL8 i E-PL9. Najważniejsze różnice, porównanie zdjęć oraz cech obu aparatów. Czy warto kupić Olympusa PEN E-PL9?.najważniejsze zmiany Jedną z najważniejszych zmian jest liczba punktów ostrości, z początkowych 81

13/3/2018 · In summary The latest Olympus PEN camera is designed for social media bloggers who want 4K movie recording and plenty of built-in special effects. The E-PL9 is targeted at younger photographers who normally shoot and connect via their smartphones but want a


This is a website that introduces Olympus interchangeable lens camera, Olympus PEN E-PL9. AF system High-speed imager AF Focusing point 121-point contrast AF Focusing point selection mode All target, group target (9-area), single target

Opinioni, caratteristiche tecniche e foto scattate con la Olympus PEN E-PL8, una fotocamera mirrorless con sensore 4/3 (2.0x) da 16 megapixels prodotta dal 2016 al 2018 (fuori produzione). La gamma di


みなさん,こんにちは! オリンパスのミラーレス一眼って老若男女問わず,人気ですよねぇ~ 特にカメラを初めて買う方に,とても人気があります!!! 中でもPEN E-PL9とPEN E-PL8とPEN E-PL7・・・ この2つは仁義なき戦いのように意見が分かれる機種です。

17/5/2018 · Features & Specifications What’s new with the Olympus PEN E-PL9 vs the PEN E-PL8? To start, there’s now 4K video recording at 30, 25 and 24p, and Full HD video can be recorded at 60p. To go along with that 4K video recording is a vlogger-friendly 3-inch, 1


Olympus Pen E-PL9 เป นหน งในกล อง Mirrorless ต วหน งท เฟ องชอบและอยากแนะนำมากค ะ โดยเฉพาะคนท เพ งฝ กเล นกล อง เพราะนอกจากว สด ท ใช จะเป นระด บพร เม ยมแล ว ย งม ด ไซน ท สวย

Olympus E-PL9 body | £449.99 £358.97 The latest PEN model from Olympus packs 4K video, built-in image stabilization and compatibility with an endless assortment of compact Micro Four Thirds


OLYMPUS PEN E-PL8 EZレンズキット購入レビュー カメラの購入先は「ビックカメラ」 わたしは今回、ビックカメラでE-PL8を購入しました。(ちなみに私が今も愛用している初代オリンパスカメラ「E-PL1s」はAmazonでの購入でした。 今回の写真はすべてE-PL1sで撮影してます。

15/3/2018 · Olympus PEN E-PL9 Image Quality All of the sample images in this review were taken using the 16 megapixel Fine JPEG setting, which gives an average image size of around 7Mb. Tellingly, Olympus hasn’t made a song and dance about


Wir vergleichen die Olympus PEN E-PL7 mit der Olympus PEN E-PL9: Welche Digitalkamera hat die höhere Auflösung, welche den besseren Sucher oder Bildschirm? Welche hat die bessere Ausstattung und Akkulaufzeit? Welche sonstigen Unterschiede gibt es?

Manufacturer description: The Olympus PEN E-PL9 is a stylish, compact mirrorless camera that features a 16MP Live MOS sensor and an updated Truepic VIII processor. Other features include a 3-axis in-body image stabilization system, an updated 121-point contrast-detect autofocus system with face and eye detection, and a built-in pop-up flash.


Olympus E-PL Sono due modelli della gamma PEN, e questo è sinonimo di compattezza senza compromessi ma, come abbiamo visto nella recensione della PEN E-PL9, la compattezza non è indice di basse prestazioni. PER QUALE TIPOLOGIA DI FOTOGRAFO